Best  Guide To Caring Into Red-Eared Slider Turtles

Placement Of Light

The light should be placed at a suitable distance from the tank. This provides adequate heat and UV exposure across the whole basking platform. Do note that UV ray will dim over the span. Placing the bulb too far away will reduce the benefits the turtle can get. So, it should not be too close that your turtle will be able to come into direct contact with the bulb.

If you do not know it yet, turtles are not that good at identifying hazards. If you put the bulb too close, the turtle may bump into it and hurt itself if the lamp is too hot. The bulb itself may also be damaged as the copper filaments inside is very soft when heated and may break if it is shaken. An excellent way to gauge this is by measuring the temperature on the basking platform vs. the water temperature. The basking platform should be around 10degrees higher than the water.

Also, please make sure your lamp is stable and secured on top of your tank so that it will never accidentally fall into the water.

UV bulbs have an average lifespan of 6 months. So, it will have to be replaced every now and then. There is really no way to tell if the lamps are still emitting UV ray with the naked eye. The bulb will even appear to be shining bright thou it may no longer be giving out any UV rays. The only reliable way is to use a professional UV tester.


Now, finally, we are getting to the fun part. Decorations! Embellishments can add diversity and make your turtle’s habitat look more appealing and exciting. Before you start putting all sorts of ornaments in your turtle tanks, there are certain things to be kept in mind.


When decorating your red-eared slider tank, don’t forget to ensure that the tank remains relatively easy to clean. The decorations should not obstruct your cleaning routine of the container. Also, remember that while these pirate ships and treasure caves are very appealing to us humans, turtles might not necessarily be able to appreciate the beauty. Chances are they will push and knock over these fixtures. While that may help create a more realistic shipwreck scene, it is not ideal. Your turtle must still be allowed to swim freely in the water. And most important, there should not be any areas that can potentially get your red-eared slider trapped. While they are great swimmers, they can still drown if they are stuck over prolonged periods underwater.

Type of decorations

I know there are some pet owners that will put their favorite toys into the tank as decorations. However, before you do that, you will need to consider what material the item is made.

As mentioned previously, plastics may have a tendency to produce harmful chemical compound such as BPA. If the color is painted or sprayed on, it will also fade over time and mix into your water.

Also, if there are screws or nails on the item, it is also subjected to rust. These will adversely affect the water condition. If it is not apparent enough, the soft toy is also a terrible idea. The reason is that the soft toy will absorb water and quickly accumulate harmful bacteria. Also, the fur of the soft toy may cause your turtle to suffer from respiratory health issues if it gets into its body.

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