Facts About Lions, Interesting Information King Of The Jungle

Lions Habitat & where do lions live?

The Lions live on grassy plains why am sitting on grasses although the lion is popularly known as the king of the jungle it does not live in the jungle.

They are not found in tropical rainforests or even desert interior Sahara Desert they are found living on grassy plains dry thorn forests Asiatic lions savannas open woodlands scrubs prairies thick brush Asiatic and semi-arid plains of sub-Saharan Africa Lions prefer to live near rivers or their tributaries because of constant water supply even during the hot summer months.

Lions live in dense

Lionesses do through childbirth since our kindergarten years we’ve all learned that Lions live in dens. However, lions do not live in shelters instead.
Live under shady trees acacia trees of Africa it’s Just when the lioness wants to give birth. From the rest of the bride and take refuge in dens to protect their young ones to avoid attention from competitors like jackals hyenas leopards etc.
The lioness keeps shifting her cubs from one shelter to another as soon as the Cubs attained six weeks of age.
The lioness along with her cubs joins the rest of the Pride; lioness may also choose to give birth in a thicket cave, or some other form of the protective environment if dens are not available in the area.

Duke University Study

The symbol of majesty and might are the second-largest living cat species after the tiger, study from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the environment Lions have lost 75 percent of their original habitat in Africa the study also brings to light that not more than five hundred Lions remain in West Africa dr. Henschel also stated that the western region has been it’s so hard because of the lack of government support the very fact that the 30,000 African lions and another 200 plus Lions in the Gere National Park are the only Lions that exist today tells us how destructive human interaction population growth and commercial activity.

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