Facts You Won’t Believe About Cats & Kittens

Facts You Won't Believe About Cats & Kittens

Let’s talk about cats and kittens. Did you know a female About Cats & Kittens cat to come into heat about four times a year? Yep, and some cats have known to produce three to four litters of kittens in a year.


There are four stages to a cats heat cycle;

During the first stage,

She begins to attract males or tomcats. That’s right; multiple male cats will spray your home and yard with strong-smelling urine. But, at first, she will refuse to mate with them, she wants to be the courted. Courtship acts as a hormonal stimulus that brings on full heat. During this stage, she may utter short, low calls, act restless, and display more than usual affection for her owners. She may even urine mark around the house.

The second stage stay tuned the kittens will come

Is all about sexual receptivity. Breeders refer to this stage as full heat, and it lasts four to six days. The queen begins to make lots of noise like an animal in pain, and eventually, it becomes almost constant. She also takes this opportunity to become very affectionate, toward her humans:

  • Weaving in and out of our legs
  • Rubbing up against us
  • Shaking her pelvis
  • Rolling about on the floor
  • Grabbing at us, even biting us

If you let nature take its course, a tom will most likely impregnate the queen.

In stage three

The queen rests for about 7-14 days, whether she has conceived or not. She refuses to mate and aggressively rejects the male if mating is the attempt.

The fourth stage

Is about reproductive rest, usually from November to January for about 90 days.

If stage two results in pregnancy, the queen will deliver her kittens in about 65 days. Siamese may carry their kittens 71 days. However, they born before 60 days are usually too immature to survive.

From my experience, queens usually deliver their kittens with no problems; in fact, it is best not to interfere. Let mama kitty do what God designed her to do, and the kittens will survive.

A good mother instinctively keeps her nest and her kittens clean. Newborns spend long hours nursing, often eight hours a day.

A few facts

Kittens are born with their eyes closed. They begin to open those eyes at eight days and generally by 14 days their eyes are fully open. Kitten’s ear canals are sealed at birth and are usually fully accessible by the end of week two. Kittens are born without teeth, however, at about two weeks baby teeth begin to appear, and they have a full set of deciduous teeth by eight weeks.

When kittens start to walk, they can eat food from a bowl. Kittens will nurse as long as mom is available.

However, they should be encouraged to eat on their own at four to five weeks. To stimulate the kitten’s appetite, remove mom for at least two hours. After they have eaten solid kitten food, let mom return to nurse.

Kittens after four weeks and more

At four weeks, kittens are playing with each other. By five weeks they are perfecting the stalk and pounce of adult cats and will start grooming themselves

At about four weeks, its time to set out a low profile litter box for your kittens. Please put it in a convenient place, and most of them will learn to use the litter box on their own.

At about six to seven weeks, if a kitten knows how to eat on their own and use the litter box, it is time to find your kittens a new home.

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