Quick 11 Cat Facts Number 7 is Out of This World!

Cat Facts
Cat Facts are essential to all of us who love a feline. They come into our homes, provide comfort and companionship, enrich our lives and conquer our hearts. Along the way, we try to return the favour.


My history with animals

Over the years, I have lived with at least thirty felines. When I was about five, we moved into a neighbourhood with a feral cat population. My dad started feeding a few of these animals in our back yard. Pretty soon, we had at least twenty animals that called our back yard “home”. We had ten of them fixed and still found at least eighteen wild kittens to domesticate and give away each year.
After six years, Mom insisted that we move because she was tired of stepping in cat poop. We came away from that house with twelve kitty pets, so we have lots of experience with felines. With all of this experience and a little bit of research, we are ready to share our cat facts.

Cat Facts-1, cats, chose to live with humans.

Since felines are experts at rodent control, and humans have always had problems with rodents, socializing with humans meant a reliable food source.

Cat Facts-2, cats make great companions.

Friendly felines can do wonders to boost the outlook and even the health of patients in nursing homes and hospitals. The soothing sound of purring and the comfort of lap warming make a cat an excellent therapy animal.

Cat Facts-3, most of us worry about our cat’s health.

We hear about feline leukaemia, feline diabetes, skin disorders, intestinal parasites, eye infections and ear mites. But what are the symptoms, what are the treatments, how do I help my pet avoid illness, and when is it time to take my pet to the vet?

Cat Facts-4, sometimes cats require special care.

We wonder about worms, fleas and ear mites. Should you de-claw your pet, or what about a pedicure? How about exceptional food; organic, holistic or homemade? And how do you control the fleas? When is your pet considered a senior, and do senior felines require special care?

Cat Facts-5, active cats are healthier animals.

How about games we can play with our pet? In these pages, we will explore fun and exciting ways to play with your feline friends; what kinds of props and toys are useful, and ways to encourage shy or cautious felines to play.

Cat Facts-6, there are many different breeds of cats.

What are the shared characteristics of the various kinds of felines? And, what about the mixed-breed varieties; calico, tabby, tuxedo, polydactyl (many toes), yellow (or orange), a pure black feline (my personal favourite)?

Cat Facts-7, owners, are curious about their cat’s behaviours.

Do they always land on their feet? What is the purpose of purring? Why do they scratch the furniture? And what is it with catnip how come calm, cool and collected felines go crazy around catnip? And, perhaps the most critical question is, how come there is a dead bird at the foot of my bed?

Cat Facts-8, you can’t train a cat.

You can only encourage good behaviour and discourage bad behaviour. So how do you train your pet to use a litter box? And how do you get your pet to stop treating your leather couch like tree bark? And the biggest concern of all; how do you keep your cat from spraying the furniture?

Cat Facts-9, where there are cats, there is maybe kittens.

How can you tell if a feline is pregnant? Does a pregnant cat need exceptional food? And, then there are kittens…how do you care for an orphan kitten? What can I expect during my kittens the first year?

Cat Facts-10, feline owners, love cat gifts;

mugs and teapots, earrings and necklaces, t-shirts, calendars, license plates, art, stuffed animals, etc. And then there are vintage posters, figurines and my personal favourite, mystery fiction books.

Cat Facts-11, Cat Literature

Cats have a special place in our lives that is reflected in the amount of literature available today.

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