The Best Kind of Pet “German Shepherds”

The Best Kind of Pet “German Shepherds”

The best kind of pet to have is a pet that can also be helpful. As an owner, it would take a lot of patience and love when your pet is pretty bothersome because all it does is eat, sleep, crap, and bothers you all the time if you’re a person with a short lease and you have little time for the hassles of a pet like that. It would be best to get a goldfish or a robotic dog. Those hassles always come in part of loving a very mobile and active pet. There are also pets, too, that can be very helpful when adequately trained. These are the breed of German Dogs.

A few facts about german shepherds dog

This breed of dog is a top-rated dog because it is very loyal, faithful, and devoted. It also looks very cool because it looks like a wolf. It became even more popular because of the movie shows, and TV shows that it appeared in the 1920s. This dog is among the most popular breeds in 2004.

This breed of dog is brilliant because of the breeding that was done to it before. This breed was specially bred to create only the best of a kind. Prior, only the best among race was chosen to be used as herding dogs. Their breed was also almost driven to extinction during World War II. because all things German during that time were considered to be Taboo. Fortunately, they were included in the American Kennel Club and changed its name to shepherd dog.

Why the German shepherds is the best?

Because these dogs are brilliant, have a very excellent temperament, get along well with people, and easy to train, they have become more popular, especially to the disabled. These dogs are also used for particular tasks by the military, police, or other specialized service teams to sniff out drugs, bombs, and even people stuck under the rubble in some cases.

This breed of dog has a long body and erect pointed ears. They could grow up to medium to larger sizes. They also have a weather-resistant coat that is thick and stiff on the outer layer, while the inner layer is softer. The color of the fur of this dog is usually tan, black, or a mixture.

From the ground to the top of the soldier, it usually measures 22-26 inches, and the adult weighs 75 to 90 pounds.

Even though they have great personalities like being smart, powerful, and elegant, they are not very affectionate. However, they are still loyal and faithful. As said earlier, this dog is an excellent companion, assistance, guard, and a search and rescue dog. In short, it is a dog that can be apt to do anything it is trained to be. They are also great pets for children because they could be protective of the child.

Why shepherds dog should train young?

This shepherd should training while they are still young; when they grow older, they become challenging to handle and control. The best thing about these dogs is that they do not require a great deal of special care, although grooming it from time to time will help.